Aug 19-23: Intro Biotech

Fri, Aug 23 (Day 1): Students took a quiz over the DNA Necklace and Micropipetting labs.  Students also began the Enzyme-Substrate Simulation.

Thurs, Aug 22 (Day 5): Ms. Annee discussed the creation of the biotech course, topics to be covered, etc.  She also discussed lab safety in periods 1 and 5.

Wed, Aug 21 (Day 4):  Ms. Annee reviewed for Friday’s quiz over the DNA Necklace & Micropipetting labs.

Tues, Aug 20 (Day 3): Students completed Activity B of the micropipetting lab.

Mon, Aug 19 (Day 2): Ms. Annee discussed class policies.

August 12-16: Intro to Biotech

Fri, Aug 16 (Day 1): Students completed Activity A of the micropipetting lab.

Thurs, Aug 15 (Day 5; altered schedule):  Ms. Annee demonstrated how to use the micropipettes.

Wed, Aug 14 (Day 4): Ms. Annee continued meeting students and students completed the “Getting to Know You” assignment.

Tues, Aug 13 (Day 3): Dr. Brynn Hollingsworth ’06 gave a presentation about biomedical careers.

Mon, Aug 12 (Day 2): Students completed the DNA Necklace lab.

Mar 4-8: Genetic Medicine & Bioethics

Fri, Mar 8: Students began making a CRISPR-Cas9 paper model.

Thurs, Mar 7: Students continued preparing for the small group debate that will take place on Fri, Mar 15.

Wed, Mar 6: Students watched the 12 min ESPN video, “Blood Brothers,” and considered the bioethical issue, “Prenatal Diagnosis of Minor Genetic Mutations.”  Students began preparing for a small group debate over this issue.

Tues, Mar 5: Students completed and submitted the “Central Dogma & Genetic Medicine” assignment.

Mon, Mar 4: Students watched the film, RARE.

Feb 25-Mar 1: Central Dogma, Genetic Medicine, & Bioethics

Thurs, Feb 28 (Day 1): Students created a timeline of significant bioethical events.

Wed, Feb 27 (Day 5): Students completed Part 2 of the Central Dogma & Genetic Medicine Click & Learn and were given two index cards to summarize two different significant bioethical events.

Tues, Feb 26 (Day 4): Students completed questions 1-4 of the Central Dogma Card Sorting activity.

Mon, Feb 25 (Day 3): Students completed Part 1 of the Central Dogma & Genetic Medicine Click & Learn and the Flow of Genetic Information activity.

Feb 18-22: DNA Replication & Central Dogma

Fri, Feb 22 (Day 2): Students completed Part 1 of the Central Dogma & Genetic Medicine Click & Learn.

Thurs, Feb 21 (Day 1): Students completed the Central Dogma card sorting activity.

Wed, Feb 20 (Day 5; 2-hour delay): Students finished watching The Family That Walks on All Fours.  Students completed the “Flow of Genetic Information” activity.

Tues, Feb 19 (Day 4): Students continued watching The Family That Walks on All Fours

Mon, Feb 18: No School

Feb 4-8: Restriction Enzymes

Thurs, Feb 7 (Day 3): Students took a quiz over restriction enzymes.

Wed, Feb 6 (Day 2):  Students continued working on the “Analysis of a Genome Segment” lab.

Tues, Feb 5 (Day 1): Students began working on the “Analysis of a Genome Segment” lab.

Mon, Feb 4 (Day 5): Students completed the Internet assignement, “Exploration of Restriction Enzymes.”

Jan 28-Feb 1: Restriction Enzymes

Fri, Feb 1: E-Learning day (Students were assigned to watch The Biology of Skin Color and write a reflection by Thurs, Feb 7 at 11:59pm)

Thurs, Jan 31 (Day 3): Ms. Annee went over the Restriction Enzymes worksheet.

Wed, Jan 30: E-Learning day (Restriction Enzymes worksheet)

Tues, Jan 29 (Day 1): Ms. Annee reviewed for a Restriction Enzymes quiz that will take place on Thurs, Feb 7.

Mon, Jan 28 (Day 5): Students ran gels for the “Analysis of a Genome Segment” lab and completed the Lambda DNA lab.